Welcome to Travel Arbitration Commercial Services (TACS). TACS has been developed by Hunt ADR Limited, the UKs leading dispute resolution provider for travel industry disputes, to facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes involving businesses operating in and around the travel industry, including but not limited to

  • tour operators & travel agents (including maritime and cruise lines)
  • airlines & airports
  • international & domestic hotels, B&Bs & guest houses
  • hospitality
  • theme parks and attractions

TACS can deal with any commercial dispute or difference. Whilst a dispute or difference could relate to a specific travel contract or service, it can equally relate to disputes or differences between businesses in the sector and their landlords, their office suppliers, their communications providers and so on. TACS is not limited to the UK markets and parties can benefit from New York and Singapore Convention rules.

Issuing a Mediation or Arbitration Notice is simple, procedures are clear and pricing is competitive, fixed and transparent. See the relevant documentation for TACS Arbitration and TACS Mediation below:

TACS Model Mediation Procedure First Edition 2020

TACS Arbitration Information Rules and Notices First Edition 2020

Gregory Hunt, Founder & Managing Director of Hunt ADR, himself an award-winning mediator who has mediated dozens of travel industry disputes, says:

The travel industry is being hit particularly hard by a significant fall in activity due to COVID 19.  The last thing any business in the travel industry and its partners needs is to find itself in a dispute which could lead to expensive, public, protracted litigation.  This is why we have developed TACS using our expertise in developing arbitration and mediation services together with expert panels of mediators and arbitrators and excellent administrative services. Our arbitrators and mediators have resolved thousands of travel disputes, giving them unparalleled status as the UKs leading group of dispute resolution professionals for disputes involving parties in and on the periphery of the travel industry.

Of the service, Dean Dunham, arbitrator, barrister, solicitor-advocate and Legal Commentator on LBC Radio – who will be a member of the TACS Arbitration Panel, says:

Travel Companies who find themselves in commercial conflict can use TACS to achieve a judgement or settlement within a tiny fraction of the time and cost associated with going to court. The fact that arbitration and mediation are also conducted in private will allow businesses the opportunity to have disputes resolved without negative publicity which could affect their value and status in the eyes of the public. A real advantage of TACS is that it will reduce legal spend on dispute resolution allowing businesses to ensure that their consumer customers do not suffer due to commercial agreements which may have gone wrong.

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